Ralph Lawson - "A few years ago I started to feel like I was Lost in Time. I was hearing new Djs playing old records and old Djs playing new records. House Djs playing Bass, Dubstep Djs playing Techno, Techno Djs playing Deep. I no longer experienced the scene progressing in a linear fashion. Ideas were coming at me from all angles at once. At the same time I felt inspired to make electronic music again, after a decade working on a live band project called 2020Soundsystem. I felt free from the restrictions of a band and musical genres. I decided I needed a new imprint to cover the new output. So I called it Lost in Time. 

At the same moment I bumped into my old production partner Chez Damier again, who was back on the scene. We used to record together as Chuggles on Prescription Underground, Serious Grooves and 20/20 Vision. We had one day to record after a gig together at back to basics in Leeds, 'The Moment' came out of that session. I had some beats already started and Chez laid down the vocals. Carl Finlow then added some synth parts.

Later that summer I was playing in Ibiza and visited Tuccillo in his amazing Unblock Studio. As I entered the studio he already had some keyboard parts up on the board. I had some beats and a bassline down which I played him. They were in key and fitted perfectly with his sounds so we put them together and finished 'Attraction' in a few hours. 

Third time lucky and another set of beats was sent to Carl Finlow, the original 20/20 Vision producer, in Paris. Carl added deep, dubbed out soundscapes to the track we decided to call 'Lost in Time' itself. 

And that was it. The start of something. My original production partner, the first international guest I worked with and my friend from Ibiza all gelling instantly to make an EP. I wanted to do it exactly the same way I started 20/20 Vision, which was on vinyl. No hype, no press, no DJ mail out. Just see who picked up on it. It turned out that Phonica, Piccadilly and Juno record stores all did. I also started to receive mails from Djs who had uncovered it. Most notably from Dyed Soundorom and the Apollonia guys who started playing 'The Moment' every week at Circo Loco, DC10 last summer. 

Now I feel it is time to open up the imprint to more minds. I also had an unreleased dub of 'The Moment' froth session. So we added that alongside all the original tracks and for the first time make them all available for you as compressed digital masters".

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