New Editions Vol. 3

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New Editions Vol. 3 features a selection of artists chosen from an open demo competition. Demos get sent to record labels from all over the world but it is nearly impossible to listen to all of them and hardly any every get released, so we thought we’d come up with a series of releases that actually does give real releases to real talent. We promised to listen to every single demo sent to us over a month and offered the best track chosen a release. However four really stood out and we decided to create an entire release from them. 

New Editions Vol. 3 features a hand picked selection from a very diverse range of styles and genres, including pure electro, techno and deep house. 

1 - Aimes - Monomania
2 - O.S - Nebula Funk
3 - Sound Process - 11 Rue Sedillot
4 - Triad - Nicole’s Break

We recently caught up with each artists to discuss their music, influences, home town scenes and more.  




Aimes is the production moniker of Aman Ellis, a multi-disciplinary musician who began writing and producing his own music as a young teenager in his parent’s basement. Fast forward a few years and his productions have topped the charts of Beatport, Juno, and HypeM, and have been supported by the likes of BBC Radio 1, Pitchfork, and Thump, to name a few.

His music is psychedelic at heart, provoking hints of new wave, disco, and sleazy-techno, with his releases ranging from feel-good vocal disco tracks to rave-ready techno stompers. His productions might differ depending on mood, but one certainty is his affinity to other-worldly psychedelia and interstellar weirdness.

In 2011 he started Wonder Stories Records as an outlet for his own music. Now the vinyl and digital label is putting out releases from some of the best underground artists across the globe with continual support from discerning DJs worldwide.


As a multi-disciplinary musician, how did you first get into making music and what have been your influences?

I started out on piano as a young kid and then moved to guitar around middle school. I was obsessed with the guitar, which is funny as I rarely pick it up now days. Right away I wanted to record. I was going line-in to my crap PC using Sound Forge or whatever stock program was installed. So, getting ideas on tape (cds rather) was important.

Influences at an early age were classic rock, prog rock and jazz. In high school I really started diving in to weird alt jazz from the 70s like Weather Report, Miles Davis’ ‘On the Corner’ & ‘Bitches Brew’, George Duke, Scofield, that type of stuff. Which is where I started taking a liking to the synthesizer. Growing up, no one I knew had any sort of synth or music production capabilities so it almost took on a mythical status to track these tools down.


How would you describe your label Wonder Stories and how do you go about selecting the records you choose to sign?

From the beginning I made it a point that the sound of Wonder Stories wasn’t just one specific sound. Trends change and tastes change. I try to keep my tastes eclectic and I hope that comes across in the label. The biggest criteria for the label is that the music is A) good (duh) and B) different. I’m really tired of all the homogeneous music out there so I look for originality.


What’s up next for you as an artist and is there anything we should be keeping an eye out for on Wonder Stories?  

We’ve got some cool stuff coming up. Our next vinyl release is from Joe Morris which includes remixes from Max Essa, Coyote, and myself. Forthcoming we’ve got music from John Parsley, Jason Peters, Memorie Cluster, and Dawn Again & Rothmans (with remixes by Timothy J. Fairplay and Emile Strunz). This will also be a 12” due out in the fall. Early 2019 is an EPIC 12” ep from DJ Rocca with a very very special remix.

In terms of my own music I’ve got an EP out of Roam Recordings next month with remixes from Lauer and Steve Cook, two of my favorite producers.




Edinburgh based O.S has been DJing and making music since early 90's, introduced to house music and vinyl at the young age of 13, via his brother working in a specialist record store. Growing up O.S was inspired by labels such as Tribal U.K, Junior Boys Own & Nervous, as well as artists such as Danny Tenaglia, Francois K, Giles Peterson and artists 4-Hero, Fred P, EBE, Aphex twin.


Do you feel being introduced to vinyl from such a young age has impacted you as an artist, and also do you remember the first record you bought?

Definitely. As a kid, I was always into dubs and instrumentals. The percussion is more in the foreground and you notice how much this really contributes to the groove of the track, something I attempt with my own production.

My first ever vinyl was Bruce Springsteen 'glory days' on 7 inch when I was 7 or 8, then came the hip-hop years where my first was Public Enemy 'fear of a black panet' but my first house vinyl was london xpress by xpress 2. Still an incredible track, there was such a buzz about the track when it came out and it used to murder dance floors, I was concious of that even at a young age, I was full on clubbing by the age of 15. The cross, camden palace, final frontier, M.o.s so saw the destruction first hand.


Living in Edinburgh, how would you describe the cities electronic music scene? Are there any hidden gems we may not be aware of?

I've only been here a year and to be honest you'll probably find me more in a jazz funk or blues bar. I love the voodoo rooms, great acoustics and get some good acts down there. We recently put on a funk and blues night there for charity and had a blast.


How do you think the scene has developed since the early 90’s when you first started getting into music?  

I think there was a worry with things getting generic with the 90's styled house that was getting popular a few years back but there are still people pushing forward. People like Aybee, Fred p and afrikan science's inspire me. 


Sound Process


After making his dj debut in 2007, Sound Process became a regular player in Buenos Aires club scene and slowly began to gain recognition between his colleagues and crowds.

Focused on deep and rough-edged underground house, his musical taste and style tends towards deep-tech House and techno.

Sound Process has played numerous well respected venues and events such as Resistance (Buenos Aires), ADE (Amterdam), BO18 (Beirut), Plazma (Bulgaria), La Macarena (Barcelona), Crobar (Buenos Aires), Bahrein (Buenos Aires), The Bow (Buenos Aires), Space (Ibiza) or Sankeys (Ibiza) to name a few.

With a solid discography and signed to labels including, Cajual Records, Get Physical Music, Little Helpers, Nervous Records, Oblack Label, Lost Records, Savor Music and more releases for 2018, Sound Process is one of the most on demand djs in Argentina and you can listen to him every third friday of the month on his show “Delta Club” on


With an impressive repertoire of international shows at some of the worlds most well renowned venues, which would you choose as your best set and why?

Well, im not sure which one I would choose as my best set but I can definitely say that the best gig I had was Resistance Festival in Buenos Aires last year. Playing alongside legends such as Sasha, John Digweed and Nic Fanciulli was really amazing.


How would you describe the electronic music scene in Buenos Aires? Are there any artists on the local circuit worth keeping an eye out for?  

Buenos Aires has a number of clubs and venues for everty taste. It has nurtured some of the best talent on the continent. After the deaths at Time Warp in 2016 many dance music events were banned. That tragedy marked the beginning of an outright war by local government against electronic music in Buenos Aires and the rest of the country. Tensions between authorities and promoters or venue owners have erupted over a temporary citywide ban on electronic music events specially massive ones but fortunately due to hard work from promoters and club owners that are making a really good job in a responsible way thats changing. The city´s nightlife is growing slowly and continuosly and i think we should all help (also artists) mantein and keep on growing this. 

Regarding artists on the local circuit that worth keeping an eye out for i can think about many of them but i would mention Mariano, Jorge Savoretti and Facundo Mohrr. The had been djing and producing for a long time and they are grooving worldwide with their quality and releases on big labels and great dj sets. 


 How did you first get into making music and what we’re your influences?  

I started making electronic music in 2004. I think that the early challenges were being able to get out what was in my head in a decent way and quickly. First very influenced by Sasha & John Digweed Northern Exposure CD´s and of course by local heroe Hernan Cattaneo- Also as years passed by influenced with the classic house sound of the early 90s scene too. 




Triad is a collaboration between three French underground’s DJ’s & producers living in Barcelona, No Replay, Pedro Bucarelli & Zakov, who formed the collective in 2015.

Sharing the same musical roots, tastes and creative vision, the trio follow a strict one-record-each concept for the full duration of their DJ set in the same vision as Apollonia, sharing tracks from minimal & micro-house mixed with classic house and deep tracks.


Being based in Barcelona and hosting your own open air parties, what would you choose as the cities top electronic music events for anyone planning a vist? 

Brunch (in the city/in the park) is definitely the highlight not to be missed when you come to Barcelona. It takes place during spring/summer only though.

They have a really nice concept for winter called Hivernacle that's worth checking out as well.

On a smaller scale, Kommuna and Eightsquare are doing nice things.


With 3 of you behind the decks playing under a strict one for one track rule, did it take time for your sets to come together or did this gel naturally?   

We actually never prepared a set so we'd say it comes naturally as we know each other, and our own records collection, quite well.


What’s been the best venue you’ve played to date and why?

we had some amazing gigs like in Badaboum in Paris or Fuse in Bruxelles but we recently played in Morrocco, at Trocadero Playa close to Casablanca and it was really an impressive party.

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