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'Straight Lines' is the final piece left to present from DOKTA’s debut project. We do like to save the best to last and highly recommend a proper listen through this super interesting selection of remixes from both established and up and coming new remixers. 

Mike Dehnert is a producer we have long admired and highly respected so it was a real pleasure to have him come through for his first production on 20/20 Vision. 

Also well known and causing waves both as a DJ and producer is Bobby O’Donnell, an artist close to our heart as he is also from our home town of Leeds. But sure to also check out the exceptional remixes from the artists you may be less familiar with - Kerouac and Classical Mechanics. They are both excellent interpretations in very different directions. 

The Bobby O’Donnell remix has been tried an tested over the summer at festivals including inner city electronic and Houghton and bounces along nicely with it’s heavily swung drums, deep bass line and solid groove, giving the original a strong dance floor counter part.

Kerouac brings an emotive stripped down twist to the table, reminiscent of tracks you hear Dixon manipulate during a long Innervisions set. Strong synths and scattered drums are built around the original vocal sample with a tribal rhythmic under tone. 

Berlin based Mike Dehnert serves up glitchy chords wobbly bass and swooping, offering a discordant interpretation that we can imagine Zip, Sammy Deep, Margaret Dygas and the Perlon crew lovin'

Do make time to check out the Classical Mechanics debut on 20/20 Vision, it's a truly unique electronic interpretation with orchestral sensibilities, featuring an odyssey of synths, bleeps and glitches before transcending into very surprising and unusual changes. It’s a unique stand out composition, unlike anything we’ve heard before. 

Finally the original DOKTA album version is included again on the remixes release. If you haven’t checked it out yet it really is worth a listen. DOKTA’s journey reaches a plateau of interwoven synth arrangements, built around a bedrock of insistent drums and hypnotic vocals reminiscent of a great Axel Boman track. 

DOKTA has now attracted attention from Seth Troxler, Maya Jane Coles, Laurent Garnier, Archie Hamilton, Enzo Siragusa, Jasper James, Tuccillo and Death on the Balcony to name just a few. Straight Lines is the undoubtedly the stand out track to check out...

1) Bobby O'Donnell - Straight Lines Remix

2) Kerouac - Straight Lines Remix

3) Mike Dehnert - Straight Lines Remix

4) Classical Mechanics - Straight Lines Remix

5) DOKTA - Straight Lines (Original Mix)