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DOKTA - 2nd Nature

Sometimes amongst all the music that we hear every day, something comes along so unique and brilliant that its captivates your mind and soul and refuses to let go. 

That was exactly what happened when we first heard DOKTA - the ex-studio engineer with the freshest take on electronic music we have heard for a long time. Fusing a fully analog working method & live instrumentation with a breathtakingly unique arrangement style, DOKTA combines all his experience working with some of the best in the business and transcends it into one hypnotic stream of genre defying mastery. 

For his first EP on 20/20 we are fortunate enough to have remixes from fabric resident Jay Clarke, and a collaborative contribution from Seth Troxler and Bas Ibellini. It is a major milestone for 20/20 to finally have a Seth Troxler production on the label. He has been a great inspiration for us and hugely supportive of our output over the years. Seth went into the studio with good friend Bas and came out with a remix worthy of DOKTA's long abstract arrangements.