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Andrew Weatherall "For quite a number of years now I have been convinced that Mr Finlow is a conduit for musical transmissions beamed from a parallel universe, sometime in the future”.

Maceo Plex "Carl has produced some of my favorite electro tracks of all time, and successfully occupies the most space in my record collection. And he's possibly not human”.

Keith Tucker / Aux 88 "Carl Finlow has been to the Electro movement a breath of fresh air. When ever visiting Europe and playing clubs , I would always hear some music that always stood out from the rest, and caught my ear. Viewing the dj's record would always show a Carl Finlow moniker or production. Carl Finlow's vocoder work was amazing and inspiring!”.

We hear the phrase ‘unsung hero’ often slung around, but if ever there was a true unsung hero in electronic music it would be Carl Finlow. Active since the early 90s Finlow has produced a prolific catalogue under the pseudonyms Voice Stealer, Silicon Scally and Random Factor on revered labels including Warp, Klang and Novamute but it is now time for Finlow to stand up and be counted for his lifetime contribution under his own name.

Finlow was the co-founder of 20/20 Vision records and produced many of the early releases so it is a fitting tribute that the label has now compiled a collection of his very best electro works including the timeless classics ‘Anomaly’, ‘Convergence’ and ‘Broken Mirror’ as well as undiscovered cutting edge gems like ‘Undercover’ ‘Format Wars’ and ‘Electromotive Force’.

Born in Liverpool, Finlow was given a Moog Concert Mate MG1 by his father at the age of 13. He spent his lunch breaks entertaining the bored kids of Fisher Moore High School with the original Axel F theme by Harold Faltermeyer. Carl was completely self-taught, managing to work out how to play keys and program synthesizers in his downtime. He has a pitch perfect ear and a natural gift for producing music.

Of course there was Kraftwerk at the centre of Finlow’s universe but his knowledge was honed from a young age into the more experimental worlds of Tomita, Raymond Scott, Wendy Carlos, Delia Derbyshire and the BBC Radiophonic workshop. Early forays intro electro included listening to Cybotron and Model 500 but Finlow’s prolific period co-insided with the second wave of Detroit electro led by Drexciya and Aux 88 and the superb album by Dopplereffekt - 'Infophysix'. But it was the late James Stinson (1969-2002) produced Elecktroids - 'Elektroworld' that left the biggest imprint. Both albums were on constant repeat at the infamous after-parties that happened at The Farm most weekends after going to back to basics club in Leeds. After the weekend dust had settled, Finlow retreated into the studio to forge his own unique marque on the electro genre. The product is in your hands now.