Chris Roman, aka 214, has a habit of getting lost in his studio, which happens to be tucked into the same mystical foothills as the David Lynch town of Twin Peaks, a location whose presence looms across much of Roman’s audio narrative, deftly playing foil to his creative heritage as a Miami native grounded in that area’s electro scene. 

Since his production debut in 2002 Roman has cultivated a substantial discography of future dance floor thump and heady sci fi vapors with releases on notable labels such as Frustrated Funk, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Shipwrec, and Touchin Bass. He's also appeared on three Fabric compilations, including an exclusive track commissioned for Steffi’s highly lauded Fabric 94 mix. 

Though clubs all over the world have hosted 214’s hardware-heavy live sets, he’s also known for working dance floors with dexterous precision for anyone lucky enough to catch him behind the decks.  

214’s latest projects include releases with 20/20 Vision, Klakson, Cultivated Electronics, Monotone, and the latest Air Texture series complied by Steffi and Martyn.

VIS303 - 214 - INGALLS WAY

VIS303 - 214 - INGALLS WAY