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  • 3rd December 2013

    VIS248 - Tuccillo - Optimum. Out Today

    Grab our latest release. Vinyl is at Juno and Digital is out at Beatport

  • 26th November 2013

    I am Machinery Out Today

    The debust album by Debukas, Iam Machinery is released today. You can check streams over here for a limited time. read more

  • 19th November 2013

    Video for 'Shake' by Debukas

    Check the video for 'Shake' by Debukas here

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  • 18th November 2013

    VIS248 - Tuccillo

    Check clips for the new Tuccillo release on 2020Vision over at soundcloud

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  • 13th November 2013

    Free Download

    Grab the Simon Baker remix of 'Shake' by Debukas over at Mixmag, for Free

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