Ralph Lawson

Ralph is best known as the original resident DJ at the legendary Back To Basics club in Leeds.  Thishas now become one of the most famous clubs on the planet.  Lawson played the very first record there and implemented the classic long sets that became his trademark.  Always unique his style has developed over the years to become what is know worldwide as the 2020sound, giving reference to thelabel he created in 1995 which has also gone on to be one of the very best electronic music labels inthe world.  From the late 90s, “the UK’s best kept secret was out” and requests to tour came in from all over the world.  Never one to give into fashion he has stayed true to the spirit of House Music withalways a cutting electro funk edge.  Since 2003 he has been working with the 2020Soundsystem liveproject and touring the world.  In 2007 we saw his first solo album for 3 years released by Fabric. He swiftly followed this up with a compilation for 20202Vision as below. Ralph plans to tour the album this year while completing the second Soundsystem album for early2008. 


Ralph's wicked mix album is out now

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